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Consider how to connect a triple socket

  1. Determine the ability to connect sockets
  2. Installation of triple sockets
  3. Connection from junction box
  4. Connect one outlet to another
  5. Conclusion

We install a triple outlet

Connecting a triple socket to non-professionals can cause some confusion. But there is nothing complicated in it, and, following our simple tips, you can connect everything in just a few minutes.

The main thing here is attentiveness and non-neglect of safety rules.

Determine the ability to connect sockets

Before proceeding directly to the connection, you should decide on the possibility and correctness of our decision. For this determine the cross-section of a suitable wire , rated current of the circuit breaker that feeds this group, as well as the absence of restrictions on the installation of sockets in this type of room.

For this   determine the cross-section of a suitable wire   , rated current of the circuit breaker that feeds this group, as well as the absence of restrictions on the installation of sockets in this type of room

No calculations when installing the outlet can not do


  • Before you install a triple socket in an already working group of the electrical network, you should decide whether the circuit breaker can withstand the additional load. To do this, we need to calculate the possible rated current in the outlet. This is done by summing the rated currents of the most powerful consumers of electrical energy that can be connected to this outlet.
  • If we only know the rated power of these devices, then we consider the rated current, based on the formula I = P / U × cosα. power of the electric device (the device’s instruction manual should help you find its value, but if you didn’t find it, you can take it equal to 1).
  • Now, by summing up all the nominal currents for this group, we can verify the compliance of the automaton with these parameters. Often the machine needs to be replaced with a more powerful one. But if the outlet is designed to connect low-power video and audio equipment, then perhaps this is not required.

Note! According to clause 6.2.2 of the ПУЭ, the maximum allowable rated current of the circuit breaker that supplies the group network cannot exceed 25A. So, if you already have an automatic machine installed at 25A, then you will have to think about dividing the group or restrictions on connecting devices to this group.

  • Also, if the installation of a three-way socket in an existing group involves monitoring the cross-section of the supply wire. Often, if the automat does not fit, then the existing wiring will not meet the new requirements. Therefore, again, you have to think about the limitations of the plug-in load for this group.
  • Well, finally, you should decide whether you can install an outlet here at all? Do not mount the outlet in bathrooms and storerooms. At the same time, there is an exception for the bathrooms, which allows installation when installed in the power supply circuit of this group of the RCD automat.

The photo shows metal mortgages under the socket on a combustible base.

  • Also, if triple socket should be installed on a combustible base; care should be taken to ensure its fire safety. For this, mortgages under the socket must be made of fireproof materials. Usually used for this product of steel.

Installation of triple sockets

We are going to triple outlet

At the moment, the market has a huge variety of outlets. But either the price of them "bites", or they do not meet our requirements. Therefore, often a triple socket is assembled from three ordinary sockets.

How to make a triple outlet, we now tell:

  • To do this, we need three ordinary sockets, the nominal parameters required by us. This may be one outlet for 6A, the second for 10A and the third for 16A. The main thing is that they meet the above requirements. We also need a pad for a triple outlet, which will create the appearance of a whole.

Decorative triple rosette overlay

  • We measure the required height from the floor, usually it is 30 cm, but you can choose any other height. At the place of installation of the outlet, we draw a horizontal line parallel to the floor.
  • Now we remove the decorative covers on the front of our single rosettes and install a triple overlay in their place.
  • We put on the sockets overhead boxes and put our triple outlet to the mark. Mark the location of the wall area under the embedded boxes (see We carry out the shabroeniye of walls under conducting the hands ).

Note! If you use plastic boxes with guides (they are also called mortgages for drywall), it is enough to put in mortgages and attach them to the installation site.

  • Drill the wall and install the embedded boxes. Fasten them and install directly outlets. If you did everything according to size, then you should have a good triple socket. At the same time, its price is often significantly lower than that of similar stationary analogues. Now it remains to connect.

Mounted under the triple outlet

Connection from junction box

The most common case is to connect the outlet directly from junction box . It is used in 99% of cases when mounting rosettes, as well as in most cases when adding sockets to existing groups.


  • First of all, we make the connection between the sockets. To do this, we need a wire with a cross section of not less than the wire with which we plan to connect.
  • From the outlet to which you plan to connect, make jumpers to the adjacent outlet. And from the next - to the third outlet. In this case, the ground wire is attached to the ground contacts, and the zero and phase - to the power.
  • Now our triple socket in one socket is ready for connection. But before doing it, you should relieve tension from the group with which to work. In addition, if wires of other groups pass through the junction box, it is also worth removing the voltage from them.
  • We open the junction box and determine the phase, zero and protective wires of our group. If your electrical network is assembled in accordance with the standards of ПУЭ, then the blue wire is zero, the yellow-green is protective and the third is phase. If this is not the case, then we are looking for these wires by briefly applying voltage. Search methodology is described in other articles of our site.
  • Now we connect the phase wire in the junction box and on the outlet, then do the same with zero and protective. It is important not to confuse the place where the protective conductor is connected, the phase with the zero can be connected to any power contacts of the outlet.

Triple Socket Connection Diagram

  • After connecting all the wires and closing the junction box, you can energize and test the performance of our outlets.

Connect one outlet to another

This method is often used when adding a new outlet to an existing group. It is designed to reduce the amount of work associated with the walling of walls and reduce the final cost of connection. And although it is rarely used, it also has the right to exist.

  • In order to make such a connection with your own hands, you should, first of all, assemble our triple socket, as described above.
  • The next step is to remove the voltage from the outlet, from which to be connected.
  • Then we open this socket and continue to operate according to an established scheme. In fact, we set the jumper, as between the sockets in our triple socket.
  • This connection is completed and you can apply voltage to our entire outlet group.


Now you know how to install a triple socket and assemble it from several single outlets. We hope this will help you in creating a comfortable electrical network for your home.

I would just like to note that adding to an already existing network carries certain limitations. Therefore, they should be applied only in exceptional cases.

Well, finally, you should decide whether you can install an outlet here at all?

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