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Good night dear in your own words new. Wish good night to a friend

You will agree that it will be pleasant enough for a person to hear some warm words before going to bed. You can use the wish as the necessary phrases. good night to a friend . An interesting message can be presented in the form of a note, which he accidentally finds in his pocket, returning to his home. Or send such necessary strings as short message on his phone. You can even call and say what you see fit. It doesn't matter how you do it, the main thing is that your wish in prose matches the character of your friend. After all, who but you know what he prefers and appreciates. In writing such a message, use all your imagination and do not forget about the gratitude for strong friendship.

But, whatever you say or write, these warm lines should come from the depths of the soul. It is necessary to choose the most unusual phrases that will make it clear what value your friendship bears. You just have to formulate all your words and thoughts in such phrases that will amaze with the accuracy of thoughts and their beauty. And it doesn’t matter where your close friend is. The distance is not an obstacle in order to once again make it clear that you remember him, and to wish him the best dreams. In the world of modern technology, nothing is impossible; a message can be said with the help of mobile communication, sent in a message or placed on the page of your own best friend in one of social networks . Believe me, anyone will be very pleased to know before bedtime that they remember and care about him.

My good friend, go quickly rest. The night has already enveloped the whole city and with it, you can safely succumb to fatigue. Let you in a dream, do not disturb anything, but on the contrary, sweetly and firmly fall asleep, revising desired dreams, where there is only magic and beauty around.

My dear friend, and evening again! And like a candle on the table, the sunset goes out. The night comes - it's time to relax and think. But you do not waste time thinking - all by itself, and so decide, and go to bed. Let the soul and body rest after a hard long day. I wish you a good sleep, that the dream was strong and sweet, without nightmares. And the dreams were so wonderful that you would not want to wake up!

Night time came, and the sky glittered brightly with stars. You are slowly going to bed, gradually forgetting about everything and worries. Make yourself comfortable, let go of all your thoughts and let you dream of the brightest landscape, the pacifying sea or the meadow of rare flowers. Rest, my dear friend, gain strength for tomorrow, sweet dreams to you.

Night scattered the magic dust in the form of stars in the sky. And all found a sweet slumber. Give in to her and you, lie down comfortably, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and go on a journey through wonderful dreams. Tomorrow will be a new day, rest the night tonight. Most have a nice sleep you. Gain energy and good cheerful mood.

My friend, good night! May you have light dreams. Let your body and soul rest on this comfortable and soft bed. Do not be disturbed by your deep sleep, no sounds from outside. Let silence prevail throughout the house so that you can rest well. Let the soft moonlight and starlight shine from the window, taking you to the land of magic dreams. Sleep well my dear friend! May the angels keep your undisturbed sleep.

How many positive emotions, how much positive and what charge on good dream able to bring the usual in their own words, received from a loved one. Surely you at least once in your life have received such wishes, so you know firsthand how pleasant it is. Well, if not, then still ahead. In any case, once on this site, you set foot on the right path, because it is here that you can find the brightest and most interesting good night wishes in your own words for the second half.

So what do you need to do now? First, scroll through the page below and visually evaluate the variety of options for wishes. After that, glance over each of them and spot a few of them. Choose one particular and no one forces you. In the end, you can dial them for every day to please your chosen one or chosen one every day with pleasant words.

Send this request by SMS, say by phone or in person, looking straight into the eyes. It doesn't matter at all. The main thing is the promise itself, the initiative itself, the emotions that you convey along with the words. To whom these wishes of a good night are not meant in their own words, no matter how peculiar this person is, he is guaranteed to appreciate them. Believe me!

Goodnight   favourite
Goodnight favourite! I want to give this night a kiss that sweeps through the quarters of the sleepy city and breaks through your window, plunges you into a sweet haze of dreams and fantasies, passes through your body with a burning wave and returns to my lips with your sweet taste and delicate aroma.

Congratulations on mobile

I am writing to wish good night to the most beautiful, magical man in the world. Thank you for your gentle, gentle presence in my life. I kiss you tightly on the nose and both cheeks. Let you dream of the warmest and beautiful dreams about our happy life. Sleep sweetly, my big and wonderful child!

A hectic day was left somewhere behind, taking with him all the problems. Is coming beautiful time rest, when, falling asleep, you can dream about something good, make plans for tomorrow. The stars with the month - well done slyly look at you through the window, wishing good night. I, too, my love, wish you a very good night. May you have kind, sweet dreams. Let the night rest bring you a good mood, and tomorrow you wake awake , full of strength and energy.

It's already dark outside the windows. Night straightened its powers. I know you are still awake, but in the near future you will surely lie down. Half my sweetheart, you had a rich and exciting day, after which you need a rest. I want you to get enough sleep and gain strength for new feats today. The sun is my beloved, good night, let you have only good, colorful dreams.

Here comes the end of the day. All problems remain behind, and ahead of us is waiting for a nice quiet evening, and a night rest. Darling, I want to be with you now, whisper in your ear the most tender words and melt in your sweet kisses. But all this is just a dream, because you are now far away, and I can only wish you good night and the sweetest words on the phone. May you have the most beautiful dream today. Enjoy your night rest, my love. I send you a sweet kiss.

My tenderness, beauty beloved, the night has long received its powers outside the windows, and you are still awake. Leave all your business, dive under a warm blanket in your favorite bed and fall asleep. Good night, my incredible, sophisticated, gorgeous. Let you dream only good dreams that will fill your new day with ease, brightness and joy. Go to sleep, my girl. I promise no one and nothing will disturb your peace, since I will take care of him until the morning. I kiss your sweet lips and nice little nose. With you, my love.

Twilight falls to the ground, everything around is gradually subsiding and preparing for a night rest. It's time to rest. It's time for you, my darling, to go to bed. I wish you a good and good night. Let today's dream be the sweetest, most pleasant. Let the night rest protect your guardian angel. Good night to you, my love, good night and all the best. Let today's dream be like a fairy tale. Sleep, my dear, and gain strength for tomorrow.

Beautiful wishes of good night. Here and evening is fading, The day is cheerful behind, The wind is shaking the foliage, Like a baby on the chest.
A black curtain in the sky. An old courtyard is laid out. Everything is filled with sweet bliss, The stars are mysteriously patterned. Tender dreams, good night, Tranquil light dreams. A day is de-energized In the sleeping twilight of houses. My darling!

Thank you for today, your smile and happiness that you give me. It is a pity that we are now divided by the distance. I would love to kiss and hug you. Well, so, I can only tell you the kind words. Although all that I feel to you in words is very difficult to express. Darling, I want to wish you sweet and Sweet dreams so that you quickly fall asleep and gain strength the next day. Sleep well, because tomorrow you and I will have a lot of work, meetings, events.
I will look forward to when I can see you and forget about sadness and loneliness, look into your eyes. Let the darkness of the night only cover you with a blanket of warmth and fabulous dreams, give your sweetness.

Deep sound sleep you my love

Have a good rest, have a sweet sleep and start a new day in the most fighting mood. Let you dream something short, but wonderful. Good night, my precious man!

Tips on how to properly congratulate:

1. Be short, do not allow long speeches 2. Zhelyte only what really can come true 3. Be sure to send mms a wish in the morning or early afternoon Words of good night wishes Night, the most mysterious of the times of the day, when daily worries are silent retreat, leaving room for dreams and fantasies. Let today's night be filled with real magic, and beautiful dreams, bring peace and tranquility. I give you the most desirable dreams that you can imagine. "Wishes for a good night in prose" I miss your voice, in comparison with him the sound of water seems harsh!
I miss your eyes, in comparison with them the stars seem dim!
I miss your hair, in comparison with them, silk seems to be tough!
I miss you, my precious, because you today stole a dream

/> Prose for the night Let pleasant evening will be a worthy end to a difficult day with its variety of colors, impressions and events.

Even when it comes to tight, You still laugh, friend. Clever, know-all Beauty, hostess. Let the bold dreams come true, More will be around kindness!
Relationship will be clean, Reached a new height!
Forever come better days Many miracles they will bring!
.My beautiful little daughter, Let your eyes shine From the diva, joy, fun, Wonderful days and magic!
May they joyfully shine From eternal, fantastic love, And happiness gently warms, And dreams come true!
Congratulations baby name day!
There will be unique days - Will be joyful and warm, Will be sunny and bright!
Well let live and have fun!

Darling, I will give you all these night wonderful stars that you now see!
Affectionate mine, I want to jump to the moon and tear it from the sky, let it shine only for you!

My tender, I will give you love poems, just be always with me!

How many more stunning phrases can you tell your beloved girlfriend? I think the whole night will be small, even if you speak and speak without interruption. But if separation from his beloved does not allow this, you can send her beautiful sms every minute, so that she doesn’t sleep either and think about you, so at least it will be honest. Every love guy sends her boyfriend to her beloved girl at night, someone thinks up herself, this is not given to someone (it’s not reason for grieving).

Let the blanket feel like fluff

Will cover gently, dark night.

I send my kiss to you Sweet dreams and sweet night .

Good night my angel

All night I'm near, I'm with you.
I am in the realm of dreams, I will show you the bright light of a secret. You will sleep through the whole night. Good night, my baby.

Stars from the sky shine,

You read sms. Firmly - tightly hug, I wish you good dreams.

An hour without you - and I miss,

I meet the night alone.

You're sad without me too. Good night, my baby!
I wish you sweet dreams And I promise to take care of your dream.

I say to you: “Good night,

So what do you need to do now?
How many more stunning phrases can you tell your beloved girlfriend?

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