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How to choose a stove to give

  1. The weather does not have Most go to the country on the weekend - from late April to early October....
  2. We admire the fire
  3. There is heat
  4. Up or sideways?
  5. How does it look
  6. Cooking on the stove
  7. No fire
  8. How far away from the wall
  9. How to sleep all night
  10. Savings or costs?
  11. How much

The weather does not have

Most go to the country on the weekend - from late April to early October. In this calendar period, the average daily minimum temperature in the Central District of the country is 2.3 in April, May 9.3, June 12.5, July 15.2, August 13.8, September 8.6, October 3.7 degrees above 0. Even in the summer, hot months there are days when the temperature falls below comfortable values. In autumn, the temperature drops even lower and precipitation is added. Obviously, even at the summer cottage you need to heat the room for a comfortable stay.

Always firewood, firewood everywhere

In most suburban areas there is no gas, but in most of them there is electricity and certainly there is firewood everywhere. Let's try to understand the huge amount of wood heating devices and choose the most inexpensive options.

We admire the fire

We will rest and relax if the stove has a fireplace door with glass. After all, with her she will turn into a fireplace stove. Through the glass we will admire the game of violent flame and pass the time. The size of the glass and the door directly affects both the review and the price. More glass means better to see the fire and get more pleasure. True and have to pay more when you buy. In the world there are only 2 manufacturers of fireplace glasses - Japanese NipponGlass and German SchottRobax. Both Russian and foreign companies put only them - there are no Russian glasses. Glass is often rectangular, but there are stoves with semi-circular, panoramic, prismatic glasses.

There is heat

Heat can be irradiating, penetrating deep into the body and warming the bones. We feel the same warmth when we sit close to the fire. We feel the warmth of fire and how it warms us. But its effect extends to 1-2 meters. Convection heat is more efficient and spreads faster and farther. Furnace for cottages with convection heating can heat the indoor air in the winter for 40 minutes.

Up or sideways?

Furnaces with a horizontally oriented firebox and door allow you to load firewood 'lying down'. Such furnaces have a classic look, but occupy a large area. Furnaces with a vertically oriented furnace and a door grow upward and therefore occupy a small area. Firewood is 'standing', but the length of the firewood can be even longer.

How does it look

In the summer cottage the stove is heated infrequently, but is constantly visible. For those who care about the appearance of the furnace there is a huge amount of options for exterior decoration.
Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile

- Tiles

- Steel or cast iron, covered with enamel

- A natural stone

Oven style can be
- Antique

- modern

- Classic

You can enter the stove in any interior, or make the stove a central element.

Cooking on the stove

In the suburban areas, where there is no electricity, or there are its outages, the function of the cooking stove is indispensable. When kindling, heated flue gases pass through the upper chamber and in contact with the inside of the stove heat it. A kettle, a saucepan, a frying pan are heated like on a regular stove. This will not stay hungry in any cataclysms. A furnace called heating and cooking. In the suburban areas, where there is no electricity, or there are its outages, the function of the cooking stove is indispensable

No fire

Most of the country houses are built of combustible materials. Shields, timber, lining, logs. It is important to protect the walls, next to which stands the stove. The easiest option - stainless screens with insulation laid under them. Variations aesthetically suggest the installation of thermal insulation panels (minerit, superisol), which can be decorated with natural stone, tile or plaster, painted in any color.

How far away from the wall

The distance to the wall from the cast-iron stove should be greater, because It transmits powerful infrared radiation through the entire body, heating nearby objects without overdrying the air. Closer to the wall can be located convection ovens, because they are strongly cooled by the air flow passing through them. Such furnaces quickly heat the air (but not objects) in the room, but dry the air.

How to sleep all night

1. The most important thing to warm the house. 2. To use the furnace with heat accumulation. 3. Use the stove in conjunction with convectors that turn on when the temperature drops below the comfort one. 4. The use of a long-burning stove is possible, but is associated with a rapid clogging of the chimney. And remember! None of the items will work normally if the house is poorly insulated.

Savings or costs?

Calculate how much the energy of firewood costs us. The cost of 1 cube of firewood is 1300. Due to the folding arrangement, the actual volume received for this money is 0.7m3. With delivery 1 cube of normally laid firewood will cost 2600 rubles. In one cube there will be 700 kg. firewood. 1 kg dried, i.e. The firewood that had lain for 1-2 years, contains 4 kW of energy. The efficiency of a modern furnace is such that 3 kW is given to the room. Thus, for 2600 rubles you get 2100 kW. 1 kW will cost you 1.25 rubles. The cost of 1 kW of electricity at a single-rate tariff in the Moscow region is 4.81 rubles, but electricity will not give you such autonomy, comfort, interior, leisure and pleasure.

How much

The cost of the furnace to give starts from 6000 rubles. The cost of the turnkey chimney from 12,000 rubles. If you have thermal insulation, sealants, plus you can do some things yourself, then the chimney will cost from 6000 rubles. Installation by professionals will cost from 20,000 rubles. Professional means both warranty and experience and safety.

Professional means both warranty and experience and safety

How to mount the chimney?

Up or sideways?
Savings or costs?
How to mount the chimney?

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