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How to teach a kitten to walk on a tray

  1. How to teach a month-old kitten to the tray
  2. How to teach a kitten to the tray quickly

Training a kitten to walk on a tray should not become difficult and exhausting for both you and its task. Many are interested in how long the kitten learns to the tray? In fact, this is a simple and rather successful operation. If you approach it with inspiration, take enough time and patience. Even if you took a kitten from the street, you can accustom him to the tray. How to teach a street kitten to the tray, you can learn from our article.

What does that require? The first thing is to choose the right pot for a kitten. The best choice is a plastic vessel that is easy to clean and is the most practical acquisition. Do not take a pot with high edges. The kitten should easily jump on it and go down after performing the necessary actions. Not great for kittens toilet with a net "Clean feet". Toilets with a net are very comfortable and do not require the financial cost of fillers, but in order to avoid unpleasant odors, it should be washed after each trip of the cat to the toilet.

How to teach a month-old kitten to the tray

Some kittens neglect the scented toilets. Begin training from a vessel of odorless clay or from a stand for flower pots. Most kittens are happy to go to the pot and do not shit in other places of the apartment. However, if you have greenery in the apartment, then the kitten can change its habits and start walking under the plant. In order to avoid this, take the plants away from the kitten or cover the soil with stones or pine cones.

Cat toilet should be placed in a relatively quiet place Cat toilet should be placed in a relatively quiet place. Where the kitten can retire and be alone with themselves. Do not place the pot near household appliances that make noise during operation (refrigerator, washing machine, etc.). Make sure the curious children and dogs do not interfere with the kitten's natural needs. A little shaggy little ball should easily get to your toilet. Place it near its permanent resting place. And if you are terribly lucky and you already have cats in the apartment, then each of them, preferably, should have its own toilet. Many cat owners prefer closed toilets in the form of a house, but in such trays it is not very convenient to clean and you need not be mistaken with the dimensions so that the animal is comfortable.

So, we start learning to walk the kitten on the tray. So how do you teach a kitten to the tray? Take time and catch the kitten at the moment when he is going to do his wet business. Direct it to a specially equipped place. Make sure that every time the kitten only goes to the toilet for natural needs, and does not like another place in the apartment. When he stops playing and begins to smell, gently take him in his hands and plant him in a pot. Appreciatively praise him at the time when he begins to be bent and to sniff the pot. And when the kitten is relieved, give him something tasty and stroke gently. The vessel must be cleanly washed in order that the kitten would like to return there with pleasure again and again.

How to teach a kitten to the tray quickly

If you do not have a lot of free time to organize surveillance of the adventures of a kitten, then you can lock it in a room with a pot. Just do not forget to check its contents from time to time. Everything about everything will take you two weeks. After this time, the kitten will ripen for independent visiting the toilet without your help.

To obtain the best result from the kitten's stay on the pot, try to protect it from external irritants. Never scold and give unpleasant medications for him and do not perform any procedures while the kitten is preparing for the toilet, sitting on the boat or just getting off of it.

You need to accustom to the tray from an early age, so that later there is no question: how to accustom 1.5 month kitten to the tray or accustom the 2 month kitten to the tray.

The mistakes made in preparing a kitten for adult life develop into bad habits in an adult cat. These errors are:

You forget to clean the pot from time to time and change   toilet filler You forget to clean the pot from time to time and change toilet filler . The kitten experienced a fright on the ship or near it. The pot was moved from a quiet place to a noisy place. One tray has been replaced by another. You bought a container under the toilet with a smell or wash it with a flavored agent, or use air fresheners to get rid of the feline smell.

Never apply brutal upbringing measures to the kitten for emptying it outside the pot. Punishment will aggravate the problem - the kitten will start to be afraid of you. Especially if you slap him or pound his nose into a bowel movement.

Most felines will never crap in places where their food and water are located. If the kitten chose a place to go there, and not in a pot, you can place a plate with food and water near it. This area, including, can be treated with a detergent with a pronounced smell, put there a piece of fragrant soap or sprinkle with perfume.

The kitten may not reach the pot because of its health problems. They can annoy a kitten and make him walk outside the pot. These are: bladder inflammation, animal diarrhea or constipation. If you do everything correctly and do not achieve a result, then it may be time to contact a veterinarian for examination and to identify health problems in a kitten.

In order to get rid of unpleasant odors, you should buy special cat litter to help keep the animal's toilet clean. These products will save time for cleaning, have antibacterial properties, completely "lock" the smell. Fillers are made from different materials: wood, mineral and silica gel. For kittens, mineral fillers of a large fraction are recommended so that if they are accidentally released into the digestive tract, the filler does not form absorbent lumps. For wood and selikagelnyh no restrictions.

Growing up, the cat begins to mark the territory of its habitat. This is reflected in the fact that an adult individual releases a stream of urine on the vertical surfaces in the apartment. They do this, obeying the instinct to protect their habitat from strangers.

Cats are slaves of habit. If you find the right size, type, and location of the pot that your cat likes, do not move the boat! If you still want to do this, then leave the old pot in the old place. In the new location of the cat toilet place a replacement. Wait until the cat changes its place of relief to a new one. Only after that clean the old toilet.

So, we hope that in this article you received an answer to the question of how to teach kittens to the tray.

Many are interested in how long the kitten learns to the tray?
What does that require?
So how do you teach a kitten to the tray?

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